Pre-prayer and prepare for a storm

If you’ve ever been without electricity or water and nothing to drink but warm cola, you know the importance of preparing for a storm! Having been in quite a few and another on the way, these tips came to mind:


Before a storm arrives, pray for God’s protection over you, your family, neighborhood, and people in its path. If you’re in a mobile home or area prone to flooding, seek God’s guidance and timing on whether you’re to leave before local authorities say it’s necessary.


As soon as you know a storm might come your way:

  • Prune dead limbs and trim back overhanging branches.
  • Check your home for potential leaks or vulnerable areas.
  • Check meds to see if they will last for a couple of weeks if needed.
  • Scan, save, and back up important papers.
  • Back up all computer files or save to the Internet.
  • Stock foods such as bread, cereal, or dried fruit needing no refrigeration.
  • Stock up on flashlight batteries.
  • Have a cordless radio with extra batteries handy so you can keep up with local news.
  • Top off the tank in your car or truck. If electricity goes out, gas stations can’t pump.
  • Remove objects from the yard that could become a flying missile.
  • Fill bottles, pans, and bathtub with water in case your primary water source is contaminated or your well pump loses electricity.
  • Freeze containers of water or get bags of ice.
  • See if you have enough charcoal, wood, or gas for your stove or barbecue grill.
  • Do the laundry before a storm hits. (Trust me! You’ll be glad.)
  • Afterwards, stay away from standing water and falling power lines!
  • Thank God for keeping you safe.




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