The Book of Job and hard times

Following Job into Chapter Nine
by Mary Harwell Sayler

Who can be justified before God?
We ask a thousand times, but
who expects an answer?

Before we know it, mountains move.
The earth shakes out of shape.
Foundations shudder like dread-soaked
pillows tossing on our beds.

The sun does not come up. Stars fail
to light our corners. The very heavens stretch
in ways we cannot begin to understand.

If God comes near, we do not see.
If God passes by, we do not sense.
If God seizes us by force, do we say,
“Stop!” or recognize real reasons?

Tell me, how
can we give God good answers?

How will we state our case?

Even if we’re right, we wouldn’t do it.
Even if we’re right, we’d rather beg, but
even if we want a response, how can we
ever believe
has actually answered?

©2013, Mary Harwell Sayler, all rights reserved. Poem originally published in 2011 online issue of Catholic Lane and later appears in Mary’s book of Bible-based poetry, Outside Eden, published in 2014 by Kelsay Books.


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