Bible People, then and now

The official Bible canon closed in the early years of the church, but Bible characters and their stories continue to connect with the people of God whose lives are still being written.

Returning People
by Mary Harwell Sayler

They’ve come, you know.
They’ve come through
Genesis singing Psalms
and Lamentations and landing
at your kitchen table. Sometimes
they walked. Sometimes they
danced. Sometimes they dragged
themselves through First and
Second Chronicles into one
war then another around a world
that rolls like parchment across
four walls where you sometimes
think you’re cornered until
they remind you that you’re not.
Listen. They come with slingshots,
tambourines, flatbread, and wine.
They come carrying poems,
prayers, and sometimes swords –
whatever it takes to get them
through a chapter and onto the
next revelation of what it means
to have a body, know a body
and be one, upright, with you,
around the table.

© 2007, Mary Harwell Sayler, All rights reserved. Originally published by CSS Publishing in 2007 in What A Body! book on the ministry gifts, this poem was later included in Outside Eden, published in 2014 by Kelsay Books



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